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Citroën Android Large Touch Screen Navigation Display

For Citroën C-Quatre, Elysee, C4 Quatre, C3-XR, C5, C4L

Precisely fit the original board

citroen large touch screen

Citroën Touchscreen Overview

This large touchscreen powered by steady and deep customized Android system, user friendly and functional.

screen overview
1, Powerful Configuration
Deeply customized Android system special for car use, with 1G/2G RAM, 32G ROM, 4 Core CPU makes the touchscreen responding fast, system steady, run verioius apps smoothly.
2, Map & Navigation
Build-in GPS and Beidou module makes precise and quick route positioning, support various types of Map in Android Market like Google Map, Syigc, Waze, iGo etc.
3, External Connection
Android touchscreen can be connected with rear view cameral, 360 bird view system, Adas, DVR etc, display all the image and video information directly on this large screen, without other additional players to distract driving.
4, Original Car Style
Large touchscreen model fit the original car panel precisely, without cutting or damage previous board, using the simply tools can be finish the installation.

IPS HD rigid Screen, multi-touch, split screen operation


Full screen navigation, build-in GPS module, various map available


Multi-functional car large touchscreen

HD 1080P video Play
Support 1080P video decoding, accept most of the video formats such as MPEG4, RMVB, AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV etc.
Reverse Video/Track
Reverse video and track can be displayed to the touchscreen if installed the reverse camera, also support 360 vision system.
Screen Link
Screen link support Android and Apple IOS system, mobile phone apps can be play in this large touch screen after connection.
FM & Stereo Music
Support FM and stereo music play, accept most of the music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, APE etc.
Bluetooth Dail
Bluetooth dail can access your phone address book after connection, directly dail from large touchscreen, also can play music from your mobile phone.
Original Car Info
Touchscreen will display original car info such as current speed, engine speed, handbreak status, seat belt info etc.(*in the condition of the car has this function.)
multi functional

Equiped with 4 core cup, 1G RAM, 32G ROM, up to 1.6GHZ, makes the system runs smoothly.

(*2G RAM, 16G/64G ROM Optional)


Plug to plug, easy installation



Screen 8-10.2" IPS Screen CUP 4 Core 1.6GHZ Processor
System Android 4.4.4 RAM 1G (2G optional)
ROM 32G (16G/64G optioanl) Resolution -
Bluetooth Bluetooth dail, bluetooth music, Synchronize address book GPS Module GPS & Beidou
Radio Type FM Music Format APE/WMA/AAC/WAV/MP3 etc
Video Format MKV/FLV/RMVB/MOV/MP4/FLV/3GP etc Image Format JPG/PNG/BMPGIF/ICO/TGA etc
Screen Link Yes(Android and IOS) CUP 4 Core 1.6GHZ Processor
MAP Google map, Sygic etc(can be donwload from Android market) Language English, French, Japanese, Spanish, etc
Peripheral Expansion Support Reverse Camera, TPMS, 360 vision system Internet Can be connected with hotsopt
Frame Material Rigid PC Car Info Display original car information

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