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Solar Power + USB Charge TPMS

Internal Installation [SKU:TPS02]

*AutoChose TPMS with full color LED display, monitoring 4 tires pressure and temperature simultaneously, which can prevent puncture and damage of car parts caused by flat tire, improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire life.
*Monitor equipped with rechargeable battery, also support usb cable charging.
*Advance sensor chips provide precise real-time tire pressure data and tire temperature data, refresh in few seconds.
*TPMS provides 4 tires real-time pressure and temperature, with visual waring light and audible alarm sound.
*Anti-theft design, waterproof, can be work in hash environment.
*Pressure and temperature alert values can be adjusted, unit PSI/Bar and temperature unit ℃/℉ selectable.
*Suit for most 4 wheel cars which pressure not exceed to 6 Bar(87PSI), like sedan, SUV, MPV, Van, Wagon etc.
*Full color LED display make it visible even in bright light.
*Internal sensor with microelectronics low-power design, each button battery can be used about 3 years.(suppose each day driving 4 hours)
*Installation: take apart tire and hub, replace original valves to internal TPMS(4 sensors marked as RF LF RB LB to each tire), then re-install tire and hub, making tire dynamic balance.
*Packing include: 1x monitor 4 x sensor 1x wrench 4 x anti-theft nut 1 x user manual.
*Factory direct sales, OEM brand, packing, function also available.
*Each product has 1 year warranty, with our comprehensive technical support and after sale service, make customer no worry buy from us.
tpms tire pressure monitor system

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